Wine cellars are becoming increasingly popular not only in Austin and the Central Texas area, but across the country. A wine cellar provides you with enjoyment over the years, especially those who consider themselves a “wine connoisseur.” When you have guests over, it’s always fun to show off what you have and offer up a taste of your favorites. Hopefully your wine cellar was designed and installed by professionals, and properly insulated to provide the cool, moist environment wine needs to age properly and prevent the growth of mold.

Once the initial work is done, what are the other wine cellar essentials you’ll want to in include?

Wouldn’t a tasting area be relaxing and fun? You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a great atmosphere where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests. A handful of bar stools and an oak barrel as a table is charming!

The wines you love most! Most people these days who have a wine cellar aren’t interested in making a profit, they’re interested in enjoying their favorites with friends, perhaps aging wine in the bottle, and having what they like best in stock. When company comes over, you don’t have to leave the house because your wine cellar has everything you need.

Incorporate materials you love. Your wine cellar’s design can be anything that makes you feel good depending on its size, location and other factors. Today’s wine cellars add value and distinction to a home; they aren’t necessarily tucked away in a dank, dark basement! From hardware on a family heirloom to reclaimed wood or lumber from the old barn, weave the materials that create the atmosphere you’re looking for into your design.

Whether you already have a wine cellar or are considering having one installed, always keep in mind that temperature and humidity have everything to do with success. To learn more about wine cellar insulation for your project, give the Austin insulation professionals at HabiShield a call today!