During the holiday season we all like to snuggle up under a warm throw and enjoy some hot chocolate, but that isn’t all you need to stay warm and comfy during the winter season.  Even in Central Texas temperatures can get downright chilly during December and on in to January and February.  If your home doesn’t have good insulation, it affects you in more ways than you know!  Winter is a good time to update your insulation; our Austin spray foam insulation experts will explain the advantages below!

Of course the first thing you will notice after your home has been insulated with spray foam is the comfort.  No hot and cold spots, drafts, and other problems that homeowners often experience during cold winter months.  No doubt you will enjoy the substantial energy savings each month, especially if your home severely lacks in insulation!  Heat will stay inside your home so you don’t have energy dollars going right out the attic, walls, etc.  Amazing comfort and money savings – that’s a win win.

Reduce noise.  Spray foam insulation is great for noise reduction whether you are tired of hearing the traffic, loud music, neighbors, or any external noise.  It’s also great for reducing noise inside your house from room to room, so you can sleep peacefully while the kids are listening to music, watching a movie, etc.

Spray foam insulation is a great moisture barrier.  We all know that moisture is one of the biggest problems for many homeowners.  Moisture can not only cause structural issues due to rotting wood, you may experience leaks in the roof, ceiling, even in areas you can’t see such as inside walls.  While you don’t really have mold growth issues during cold months, you will when temps warm up if you have moisture problems.  Water can literally destroy your home if these issues aren’t addressed quickly.  Spray foam insulation is one powerful way to keep moisture out of your home!

During the winter months or any time of year, the right insulation does a lot more than simply keeping you comfortable.  To learn more about all of the advantages, call our Austin insulation installation professionals at HabiShield today.