As Austin spray foam insulation professionals we know many homeowners enjoy DIY projects that can save them money – and maybe even be a little bit fun.  When it comes to DIY insulation, we do NOT recommend it!  Unfortunately, your home probably isn’t well insulated considering only one of 10 homes do have sufficient insulation to improve comfort and keep heating/cooling costs down.  Having the job done by professionals is a smart investment that will save you a bundle over time.  Here are a few of the reasons this isn’t a DIY project.

First, you probably know very little about insulation.  Spray foam, batted, close-cell, open-cell, R-value, blah, blah, blah.  Do you have a good understanding of all the various types of insulation, how they are correctly installed, or how to test whether it has been installed correctly?  From the attic and walls to crawl spaces and around pipes or other entrances into your home, it’s best left to the experts when you want a home that’s super efficient and comfortable.

Do you know what licensed home inspectors look for?  It’s always a good idea to have a professional thoroughly inspect your home prior to installing insulation.  Why?  You need to know where there may be issues with rodent or insect infestation, mold, and mildew.  Any upgrades or structural repairs that need to be made to your home should also be completed before insulation is installed.  If you aren’t a licensed home inspector chances are you won’t find all of the issues that need to be addressed prior to insulation.

It isn’t about sticking those fluffy rolls of pink stuff into the spaces, and you’re done.  Not by a long shot!  First of all, you probably want to consider spray foam insulation – and believe us when we tell you the products you buy at home supply stores to do it yourself is an even worse idea.  Professional installers use a few “tricks of the trade” when insulating residential or commercial spaces such as baffles or other ventilation devices to provide proper air circulation.

Drywall doesn’t have to be torn down when a professional installs the insulation.  Imagine the amount of work involved if you choose to do it yourself.  Not only that, if you decide to install fiberglass there are some risks involved.  Inhaling the material can result in serious illness, and it can also become embedded in your skin.  If you decide to do it yourself count on the project taking WAY longer than you think it will, whereas a professional will have it completed in no time at all.

Installing insulation yourself just isn’t a good idea, it’s as simple as that.  A lot more will likely go wrong than goes right, so why not do it the simple way by hiring a reputable Austin insulation company with skilled, qualified contractors dedicated to your satisfaction?  Mark that project off your list and give HabiShield a call instead.  You will be glad you did!