When building a new home in central Texas, it’s natural to want to save money any way you can.  That said, there are a few very important areas where you never want to cut corners, understandable since a home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make.  Our Austin insulation experts have a few suggestions we hope you will keep in mind!

Heating and cooling equipment.  The right HVAC system will not only keep your home comfortable, it will also keep energy costs down.  HVAC systems also work to keep humidity levels in check – and excess moisture can wreak havoc on your furnishings, floors, and more.  Make sure you get a quality system, one that is properly sized for your home.

Windows.  Your windows will help keep your home warmer in winter months, and cooler during the hot summer months.  Choose those that are Energy Star rated and double pane to ensure comfort all year long.  Quality windows also help keep energy costs down.

The roof.  What does the roof do?  It protects everything that’s under it, including the walls, floors, and very structure of your home.  That’s a big job, so you want to choose a roof with a long lifespan such as metal or architectural asphalt shingles.  Go with a reputable company as well to ensure proper installation.

Insulation.  You knew we would get to this, didn’t you?  The truth is that good insulation is a  MUST when building a new home.  Without it, your energy dollars (and your comfort) go right out the windows, walls, roof, everywhere!  Quality insulation keeps your conditioned air inside where it belongs.  It also provides a level of sound proofing (depending on the type used), helps keep pests out, and is a HUGE factor in how much you spend on heating/cooling costs.  Whether fiberglass batts, loose cellulose, open/close cell spray foam, or a combination of all of the various types of insulation, our insulation installation experts can help.

You may think after reading this that you’ll spend a small fortune on the areas mentioned above, but the money you will save over the long run is well worth the initial cost.  Your home will also be worth more, and you will enjoy a greater ROI.

For all of your Austin spray foam insulation needs, count on HabiShield for unparalleled service, materials, and installation.