What do we mean by conditioned air?  This simply means air conditioning or heating to make your Austin home more comfortable.  Most people who have problems with efficiency assume that either their HVAC system isn’t functioning as it should, or that conditioned air is escaping through the attic.  While either of these assumptions could be true, the fact is that many homes have walls that aren’t sufficiently insulated, resulting in more than a third of heated or cooled air escaping through them.  This is especially true in homes that were built prior to 1980, when there were no insulation regulations.

When conditioned air is escaping it can occur in the walls, windows, doors or any area associated with the walls.  So what is the best solution if your walls are inadequately insulated?

Spray foam insulation is ideal, because it can reach even the smallest holes, corners or crevices around windows, doors, electrical outlets, pipe entrances and more.  Additionally, spray foam insulation offers a high R-value which means that it’s more efficient at keeping your heated or cooled air inside your home, while cold or hot, humid air stays outdoors where it belongs.

What’s involved when you choose spray foam insulation for your Austin home?  It’s a very simple process compared to some other insulation methods, and involves injection of insulation through small holes in your home’s exterior walls.  The holes are closed up following the process so that no one will ever know you had a home improvement project performed. 

When your home isn’t properly insulated it impacts not only your family’s comfort, but energy efficiency and utility bills as well.  You can’t begin to imagine the savings you’ll enjoy by having premium insulation installed in the walls of your home, or the attic or other areas that lack sufficient insulation.  Not only that, by insulating your home you greatly reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the environment.  Increased comfort, money savings, environmentally friendly – AND the value of your home is increased.  It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it!

Regardless of the type of insulation you prefer, our Austin residential insulation experts are up to the task and dedicated to superior results over the competition.  If you’re considering spray foam or any other type of insulation, give to pros at HabiShield a call today!  The simple fact is, we do it better.