As an Austin area homeowner you may not know what rim joist insulation even is, let alone why it’s important. You already know that adequate insulation in the walls, attics and other areas of your home help make it more comfortable and provide a sound barrier to outdoor noises while reducing energy costs. Texas is known for extremely hot temperatures and high humidity during summer months; good insulation is a barrier against the heat and serves to provide other benefits as well. If you’ve never thought about the rim joists or aren’t even sure what they are, you’ll find the information below helpful.

What are rim joists?

Also called band joists, rim joists are located just above your foundation wall and comprise the exterior edges of your home’s flooring framing system. Because they’re on the exterior of your home and located beneath siding, rim joists can be a huge source of energy loss due to the infiltration of moisture and air leakage. What you want is to create a solid thermal barrier that not only seals out air and moisture, but helps you conserve energy and avoid potential mold growth or rotting of wood. When temperatures are cooler, the moisture often condenses into water which is always damaging to the structure and materials of a home.

Because closed cell spray foam is capable of air sealing, it is the preferred insulation for rim joists compared to cellulose, fiberglass and other types of insulation materials used today. Spray foam offers additional benefits including its ability to conform to spaces other types of insulation don’t “fit” well in, and a higher R-value per inch. It’s also quicker to install in most cases.

Having the rim joints properly insulated will result in lower energy bills, enhanced indoor comfort, healthier indoor air, temperatures that are more consistent throughout your home, reduced air leakage and even warmer floors during winter months.

Spray foam insulation is ideal for insulating rim joists because it creates a strong air and moisture barrier as well as a tough thermal barrier. Unlike other types of insulation, spray foam easily fits around pipes, ductwork, wiring an other materials that may be installed near the rim joists.

At HabiShield our Austin spray foam insulation professionals are dedicated to quality in everything we do, from the materials we use to service and clear communication with our clients. For all of your residential insulation needs, count on HabiShield for superior results.