As Austin insulation professionals we know that summer can bring brutally hot temperatures, and that you want to save as much as possible on energy costs while staying comfortable. While you depend on your HVAC system to cool your home, there are lots of other things you can do that not only affect your comfort, but how high your energy bills are as well. Here are a few tips we hope you’ll find useful.

Consider having a home efficiency audit performed. When you know the areas where your home may lack, you don’t have to guess. Is the insulation inadequate, or your heating/cooling system too large or too small for your home? Are there areas where cooled air may be escaping, such as around windows or doors?

Could air sealing help? There may be many air leaks you’re not even aware of where warm air comes into your home during summer and escapes during winter months. Gaps around plumbing, windows, vents, even electrical outlets and other tiny spaces make a huge difference in your comfort and how much you spend to cool your home. Air sealing not only helps to close up the tiniest gaps, cracks and crevices, but prevents uncomfortable humidity from sneaking into your home.

Use ceiling and other fans – when you’re in the room. There’s no reason to use fans in rooms you’re not using, as ceiling and other types of fans simply circulate the air in the room you’re occupying, making it feel cooler to your skin. Temperatures aren’t affected, so don’t waste the electricity by running fans in unoccupied areas.

Make sure your home is well insulated. Insulation is essentially a barrier between you and the outside world in terms of temperatures, humidity, etc. It’s vital that not only are your walls properly insulated, but your attic and basement as well. What you want is an envelope that keeps cool air inside your home during summer months, and heated air inside during winter months. Insulation is one factor that can have a huge impact on energy costs.

Is your HVAC system the right size for your home? Many Austin homeowners believe that bigger is better, but this isn’t the case. A heating and cooling system that’s too large for your needs will result in frequent cycling on and off, which leads to higher energy costs. Make sure your equipment is properly sized for your home.

At HabiShield our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable, more energy efficient home that not only saves on energy costs, but improves indoor air quality, decreases outside noise and even helps prevent rodent infestations. We invite those in Austin and surrounding areas to give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of quality insulation!