Anyone with a wine cellar in Austin knows the quality of a wine depends on many factors – it’s much more than the type of grapes used!  Proper temperature and humidity levels are critical, as well as the construction of the cellar where your bottles are stored.  What about a vapor barrier?  Essentially, this barrier helps separate the distinct climates in your living spaces and your wine cellar.

In general wine cellars perform best when the humidity level is 55 and 70%, with a temperature of about 55 degrees F.  Naturally most Austin homeowners don’t keep the temperature in the living areas of their homes at 55 degrees, so it’s necessary to create a vapor barrier that keeps your wine cellar at the recommended humidity and temperature levels, while enjoying comfort in your home.  How to achieve this?

Insulation. There are various types of insulation, however spray foam is ideal for insulating this type of space.  Because it is in liquid form when applied and expands, it creates a tight seal that’s ideal for the very specific conditions necessary for your wine cellar.  Spray foam insulation is extremely strong and rigid upon drying.  Because it is a liquid when applied, it’s possible to get to even the tiniest spaces, nooks and crannies.

At HabiShield our Austin insulation professionals serve both residential and commercial customers, providing top-notch service and materials.  If you want the best for your wine cellar, we believe nothing compares to spray foam insulation.  Give us a call today; the results will go beyond your expectations.