Most business owners already know the importance of quality insulation installed by professionals for improved energy efficiency and comfort, but did you know it’s possible to reinforce your building’s entire structure using spray foam insulation to improve its strength?  This may not make much sense, but it will after our Austin insulation experts explain below.  Keep reading!

From high winds to the weight of the roof constantly bearing down on the walls of your structure, walls (especially load-bearing walls) are under enormous pressure.  An expansive roof covering an especially large area can also be prone to collapsing or damage as it works to support the durability of the roof’s frame, panel and other materials.  Add snow or ice build-up to the equation, and your commercial building’s walls and roof are under a lot of strain if they’re not insulated with spray foam.

What exactly is spray foam insulation?  Basically, it’s a liquid-based compound that once sprayed into an area, rapidly expands as it transforms into foam.  The components in spray foam give it flexibility, flame resistance and the ability to adhere to other substrates.  Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate or other isocyanates give spray foam insulation its strength and make it rigid, while polyol-based components make it expand for ease of installation and dexterity.  Big words, but you get the gist.

Now, what does spray foam insulation have to do with the resiliency of your commercial building?  Once sprayed, the foam expands into every space including the smallest gaps, cracks, holes, or fissures.  Once completely expanded, spray foam insulation begins to harden as it bonds to wood or any building component or material it comes in contact with.  Essentially, the insulation becomes part of the walls or roof, providing a more stable, resilient structure that is less prone to damage from high winds or other external forces.  Not only will you enjoy lower energy costs and improved comfort, you will have peace of mind knowing your building is as strong and solid as it could possibly be.

Interested in learning more about whether spray foam insulation would be a smart investment for your Austin commercial building?  Our insulation professionals are happy to take a close look at your property in an effort to come up with the best solution for your particular needs.  Have other questions?  Give HabiShield a call today!