We’re all familiar with global warming and climate change; unfortunately, few of us make the effort to do our part. There are a few really simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Our Austin spray foam insulation professionals want to share a few tips with you!

Use cold water when doing laundry. Unless you have heavily soiled items, cold water will usually do the trick – and it’s gentler on your clothes, so they won’t fade and look worn as fast. You might want to consider hanging your laundry outdoors to dry when possible.

Choose Energy Star appliances. From your dishwasher and refrigerator to your washing machine, appliances that are Energy Star certified are significantly more energy-efficient than those that aren’t.

Make sure your home is energy-efficient by filling in the gaps. Insulation keeps conditioned air inside, and outdoor air outside where it belongs. You’ll consume far less energy to keep your home comfortable with properly installed insulation, good for the environment and your wallet. Prior to 1980 there were no insulation requirements, so older homes in particular are often not properly insulated.

Use LED bulbs to light up your home. Compared to the old incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs use far less energy – in fact, up to 80% less. Sure they cost a bit more, but when you consider the energy savings and that LED light bulbs last longer, it’s not a big deal.

Cut down on driving. It’s not that hard! If you’re running to the corner store two or three blocks away, walk or ride a bike. Get a carpool together with co-workers so only one car covers the miles instead of five or six. Take public transportation when you can. There are lots of ways you can reduce your time behind the wheel, very good for the environment.

A reusable water bottle is ideal for those who drink bottled water when they’re on the go. Imagine all of the plastic that wouldn’t end up in lakes and landfills if we didn’t buy a new bottle every day – and the demand for fossil fuels would be far less if we all did this one little thing.

These are just a few ideas, but they’re all fairly easy. Even if we do just one or two of these things it’s better than nothing at all!

Is the insulation in your Austin home lacking? To learn more about the various types of insulation and how it could enhance your family’s comfort while reducing energy consumption and costs, contact HabiShield today.