If you have ever heard someone say “retrofit insulation,” you may wonder exactly what that is or how it works.  When an Austin insulation professional says he (or she) is retrofitting with insulation, it basically means the home or other structure is being re-insulated.  In some cases, an existing home or building may have no insulation at all, especially those dating way back to the 1930s or 40s.  Don’t let the year fool you, though; many homes built in the 1970s have very little insulation!  Retrofit insulation to the rescue.

Of course it’s easiest to insulate a residential or commercial structure when it’s first being built, however that doesn’t guarantee sufficient insulation or that it will last forever.  In fact, the old pink “cotton candy” looking stuff typically used in buildings decades ago can settle, become damp or wet due to leaks, mildew, and basically become useless.  Whether it’s a case of too little or no insulation installed initially when the structure was built, or settling/other problems, retrofit insulation is the solution.

How can you know if your insulation is lacking?  There are a few tell-tale signs that might indicate your old insulation is failing in some way.  Have your energy bills been climbing higher and higher over time?  Are the temperatures in your home inconsistent, for instance cool in certain areas and warm in others?  Does your home seem drafty, or does the AC run more than usual during the summer months?  All of these things could indicate it’s time to have your insulation updated.

If retrofit insulation is in your future, you probably have lots of questions about the various types of insulation and their application.  For instance, is blown-in or batted and rolled fiberglass the best option, or would cellulose be a better choice?  And what is all the hoopla about spray foam insulation?  It really depends on the areas being insulated (walls, attic, floors, etc.), your budget, and other factors.  It isn’t unusual to use more than one type of insulation in a retrofit project.  Our experts will work closely with you to determine the best way to proceed in order to achieve your goals, work within your budget, and more.

Good insulation not only keeps your home or business more comfortable, it also helps your HVAC system work more efficiently.  Is it time to find out whether retrofit insulation is something you should consider?  At HabiShield our stellar reputation proceeds us.  Give our Austin spray foam insulation contractors a call today!