If you’re remodeling your Austin area home, chances are insulation isn’t at the top of your list – but it should be!  The IECC, or International Energy Conservation Codes, claim that the majority of homes that are a decade old or older are way behind when it comes to sufficient insulation.  Add to that the fact that about half of your energy bill is wasted because your home may not be insulated properly or lack in air sealing technologies, and it gets even worse. If you are thinking about or in the process of remodeling your home, give careful consideration to your insulation needs!  It could save you a ton of money on energy costs, not to mention other benefits.

Quality spray foam insulation not only makes your home its most comfortable, it also helps block out undesirable outdoor noise.  Not only that, it could contribute to better health for your family members.  Good insulation and air sealing help to control humidity levels in your home, which can directly impact your health whether the air is too humid or too dry.

If you’re updating your home, look to the attic first when it comes to insulation as this is where heat loves to congregate during hot summer months in Austin.  In winter months, it’s where a lot of heat can escape, leaving your home uncomfortable cool or even cold despite your efforts to heat your home.

Homeowners who are remodeling have the best opportunity to ensure insulation is up-to-date, as this is when sheetrock may be removed.  At this time you can clearly see whether the amount of insulation previously installed is adequate, or whether it may have been damaged by rodents, is moldy, or otherwise compromised.  This is the ideal time to ensure your walls, attic, and areas around plumbing, electrical outlets and other spaces are sufficiently insulated.

It’s important to know that when you are remodeling your home, your contractor’s job is to follow your instructions in regards to what you want.  A contractor will generally notice areas you can visually see such as how much insulation is in walls or floors, but it’s your job to ensure all of the areas are insulated as they should be.

Where and how much insulation you’ll need depends on the scope of your remodeling project; for instance, if you are adding a room the entire space will need to be well insulated.  In the attic, sufficient insulation is a must!

There are many questions you should ask your contractor when remodeling your home.  These questions should pertain to the R-value of the insulation you currently have, whether your home is properly air sealed, and the benefits of creating a “sealed envelope” around your home.  Is it up to code in terms of insulation, and what is the minimum required to bring your attic insulation up to code?  Don’t remodel your home without paying special attention to the insulation – it’s that simple.

Whether spray foam insulation or other options, HabiShield is the company to trust when it comes to quality insulation and service for Austin home and business owners.  Let us show you why we’re not your average insulation company!