Think you can install insulation in your Austin home yourself to save some money, or that all it does is help lower your energy costs?  There are lots of misconceptions about insulation including some we’ve highlighted below.  As Austin spray foam insulation professionals, we want you to be informed so that you don’t make a mistake you may regret later!

Here’s a good one – it’s easy to install insulation, anyone can do it.  While you may be able to insulate your shed or workshop, you don’t want to take a DIY approach on your home.  Correct installation is critical, perhaps even more important than the type of insulation you choose.  Professionals consider fire hazards, soffit blocking, air sealing and other issues.  What you don’t want is to spend money on materials to do it yourself, only to have to face the cost of having the job redone by professionals later because of problems.

Insulation installers are all the same.  Ouch!  Not exactly, considering some not-so-upstanding companies may try to convince you to have a certain type of insulation installed because they have an excess and want to get rid of it.  Some installers won’t put enough insulation in, others may put too much in.  It’s also vital to fill the tiniest gaps, holes and crannies, which many installers don’t give much attention to. 

Choosing a company with the lowest price is smart.  Not usually, in fact it’s often a bad idea to choose the Austin insulation company that offers prices that seem too good to be true or deep discounts.  Why?  Lots of companies advertise a low price that is really just a price to get them into your home.  Once that happens, there may be all sorts of extra costs and fees or “add on” costs you don’t expect.  Additionally, some simply don’t have the experience and knowledge to help you determine the best type of insulation or even install it properly, so they’ll throw out a lowball price.  Beware!

At HabiShield we have the expertise and knowledge to help you determine which type of insulation is best for your needs.  Our Austin residential insulation professionals are dedicated to expert insulation, quality products, and helping you enjoy not only added comfort and energy savings, but better indoor air quality as well.  Give us a call today!