If you’re thinking about upgrading the insulation in your Austin home or you’re building a new home and want the best insulation, it’s important to know there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution!  You’ve probably got a few items in your wardrobe that are “one size fits all” – caps, gloves, etc.  This doesn’t apply when it comes to insulation, and we will explain why.

Unfortunately, some companies are product driven rather than solution driven.  What are we talking about?  There are lots of different products used today for insulating homes, businesses and other structures including batts (fiberglass blankets), fiberglass loose-fill, blowing or “rock” wool, cellulose loose-fill, radiant barrier, spray foam insulation . . . the list goes on.  In some cases a company may have an abundant supply of fiberglass batts in the warehouse they would like to get rid of, so they will push this one type on every customer.  This is what we mean by “product driven,” and it’s not a good thing!

Every home and building is unique, with unique needs when it comes to insulation.  This is what we mean when we say you should choose a company that is “solution driven,” dedicated to finding the best solution for your needs. When you are investing a significant amount of money in a home project, you want the best possible return on your investment.  It’s really that simple.  Why would you ever go with a company who’s trying to unload excess inventory on you and every other customer they can fool?

The fact is that depending on your home’s structure and various other factors, it may be best to use spray foam insulation in one area, fiberglass batts in another, etc.  While we believe spray foam insulation is top of the line for most applications, it isn’t the right solution every single time in every single situation.  We are solution driven, therefore we do not push a particular product on anyone.

It all boils down to the fact that your insulation creates a thermal barrier protecting your home from heat gain in summer months and heat loss in colder weather.  Our Austin insulation experts believe in personal, one-on-one service.  We carefully evaluate your home’s spaces and environmental conditions, sit down with you to learn where you may be experiencing issues with comfort, answer your questions and more before recommending what we believe is the best solution for your individual needs.

If home insulation is in your future, give HabiShield a call today.  We deliver tailored solutions that give you the ultimate in home comfort – and the best “bang” for your buck!