The insulation in your walls, attic and other areas of your home shouldn’t be an oasis for rodents, bugs, and other pests, but it happens all too often.  These pests can damage your insulation, compromising your home’s comfort and efficiency.  Perhaps pests have already invaded, or you’re curious about how to keep them out of your insulation in the first place.  Our Austin spray foam insulation professionals have some information we think you will find helpful!

The dangers pests pose to your insulation.  Cracks in the exterior, holes, open windows or doors; there are countless places that mice, bugs, or even bats can make their way in and make themselves right at home.  These pests create a comfortable little “nest” in your insulation by tearing away at it – and they leave behind waste, which is just nasty.  A pest infestation will create air gaps, making your insulation less efficient for maintaining a cool home during summer months and keeping it warm for the winter season.

Keep pests out with proper air sealing.  Cracks and holes often develop around the exterior of a home when the foundation shifts, something that’s fairly common.  Not only will professional air sealing keep pests and bugs from entering into the walls and attic, it also makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  Pests can make their way into the even the tiniest cracks or gaps; air sealing keeps them out.

Professional insulation makes all the difference.  When your home is properly insulated, bugs and other pests have a more difficult time making their way in.  Old or damaged insulation is a heavenly habitat for pests, so if yours is damaged, settling, or even contaminated by rodent waste, having it removed is critical.  Quality insulation such as spray foam fills in those tiny areas it’s hard to reach with other types of insulation, making it almost impossible for critters to find their way in.  Combined with air sealing, you will have a solid barrier that will send those pests packing – and you will also enjoy lower energy bills along with greater comfort.

Reduce the likelihood of pest infestations or upgrade old, inefficient insulation in your home today.  For all of your insulation needs in Austin and surrounding areas, trust HabiShield for quality and a job well done.