Most homeowners in Austin have no idea whether their homes are properly insulated.  You don’t have x-ray vision to see into the walls, so it’s hard to know what’s behind them.  Here is a startling fact:  In the US, 9 out of 10 homes are under-insulated according to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.  That’s huge, but not really a surprise.  Why?  Builders typically install only the minimum insulation required by code in their effort to save on costs.  So, how can you tell if the amount of insulation in your home is lacking?

Do the temperatures fluctuate from room to room?  When you feel hot and cold spots in your home, it’s a huge red flag.  A family room that’s cool while a bedroom is too warm indicates insufficient insulation.

Are the walls, floor, or ceiling cold or damp to the touch?  This is another sign your home may not have enough insulation.  When you touch the walls or floors it should feel dry and warm, as good insulation keeps the cold air on the outside

High energy bills are one of the top reasons to check out you insulation.  When a structure isn’t well insulated, the heating and cooling system has to work overtime to keep the building comfortable.  If you’re noticing your energy costs are increasing, it could be due to “settling” of blown-in insulation.

Water leaks in the attic.  When the attic isn’t properly insulated, water has an easier time making its way in.  This can not only lead to mold and mildew problems, but structural damage and wood rot. Leaks that make their way to wiring that isn’t well insulated put your home at risk of fire or shocks.

Crawly critters and mice.  From spiders and mice to other insects, a lack of good insulation can leave your home more susceptible to critters you don’t want inside your home.  All they need is the tiniest hole, crevice, or crack around a window or door to get in.  Spray foam insulation is the best solution to completely sealing up all those tiny spaces, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient while keeping the pests outside where they belong.

If you suspect your home is under-insulated, give the Austin insulation experts at HabiShield a call today.