You already know the importance of quality insulation for keeping your home comfortable and lowering energy costs, but there are some unique uses for insulation you may not be familiar with. Our Austin spray foam insulation experts want to share a few fun and fascinating facts with you – enjoy!

Who doesn’t love a great concert with friends? You may be wondering what insulation has to do with great music, but it actually has a lot to do with keeping outside noises out, amplifying acoustics, and great sound quality. Insulation used in constructing these venues also works to deaden sound so that those in the area surrounding the venue don’t get to enjoy a free concert!

How do you think polar bears survive in hot climates? Even most zoos integrate insulation into the habitats of those beautiful creatures we all love to visit at the zoo. Without special environments that include an insulation barrier, it’s unlikely we would see many penguins, polar bears and other cold climate creatures.

Museums and art galleries. Think about how sticky and humid your home would be during summer months in central Texas if it weren’t for insulation and a good A/C system . . . gross. Considering the valuable artifacts, paintings, and objects of historical or cultural importance, insulation is a must for these structures. Excess humidity and dry, frigid air in winter months would cause extreme damage to these items otherwise. The same goes for your home; without quality insulation, damage would occur to wood floors, furnishings and more.

Igloos. Okay, igloos don’t have spray foam or any other type of insulation, but their ability to maintain a warm space on the inside works basically on the same principle. It’s hard to imagine how something built entirely of snow could provide a warm shelter, but it does. The packed snow traps air pockets, providing insulation which makes it possible for those inside to enjoy a temperature of about 60 degrees F when it’s below zero outside! Amazing.

Most of us don’t think about insulation this way – in fact, we usually don’t think about it at all because it’s one of those things you don’t see very often. Does your Austin home have good insulation, or was it built prior to 1980 when there were no regulations in place? If you aren’t sure, give HabiShield a call today.