Wine cellars are an extravagant feature of some Austin-area homes, however it’s important to note that proper wine storage involves more than transforming your basement by adding wine racks. Good wine requires the proper temperature in order to age properly, but there’s more to it than adjusting the thermostat on your heating & cooling system! Why is proper insulation so important?

Controlling humidity levels is essential. Anyone who lives in the Austin area knows humidity levels can be downright miserable during summer months. Good insulation that’s properly installed helps seal in the ideal moisture level and is a critical step toward preventing deterioration of wine.

You save on energy costs. You already know that a home that’s well insulated is important in conserving energy and keeping your home comfortable. If you have a wine cooling system in your wine cellar you can save a substantial amount of money on energy costs as insulation helps reduce heat flow. You don’t have to sacrifice high electric bills for great wine!

Maintain the ideal storage temperature of wine with insulation. Regardless of whether it’s cold or hot outdoors, insulation works to stabilize the temperature in your wine cellar and keep it within the proper range for aging. What you want to avoid at all costs is a wine cellar that is too warm!

If you’ve invested in a wine cellar you don’t want to put the quality of your wine at risk by skimping on insulation. Many people think of wall spaces when they consider insulation, but it’s equally important to insulate around windows, doors, electrical outlets and other areas where hot or cold air can seep in. Without quality insulation, you’re putting your wine collection at risk as well as potentially facing high energy costs.

At HabiShield one of our specialties is wine cellar insulation in Austin and surrounding areas. We know all about vapor barriers, R-value, humidity, lighting and other factors that are essential when it comes to wine rooms and the proper storage of wine. Contact us today to learn more about our products and why we’re the most trusted name in the industry for Central Texas homeowners!