Spray foam, fiberglass, or rigid foam insulation?  What about vinyl?  Most Austin homeowners think of insulation as an important factor when it comes to keeping their homes warm in winter months and cool in summer months, but there’s really more to it than that.  Have you ever considered the noise level?  Maybe you’ve plopped down on the sofa after a long day’s work only to hear every noise in the neighborhood, from lawnmowers to dogs barking or the loud bass from cars passing by.  Very irritating, especially when you’re trying to relax or get a good night’s sleep!

Does insulation make a difference when it comes to keeping out noise?  Absolutely.  You may already know that spray foam insulation or other types help keep heating and cooling costs down while increasing your comfort, but what you may not realize is that interior and exterior wall insulation can provide you with a quiet, peaceful and relaxing environment inside your home.

Exterior walls area huge source of air leaks, not to mention sound.  When it comes to the exterior walls of your Central Texas home the best options include injectable spray foam and blown-in fiberglass according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  Blanket insulation is typically less costly, however you can’t rely on this type for thermal efficiency and air sealing. 

What about interior walls?  If you have kids, it can be irritating to hear every noise coming from their rooms when in your own bedroom.  What about those whose spouses enjoy sitting up later at night to watch television, while all you want to do is catch a few zzz’s so you’ll be fresh for work the next day?  Insulating interior walls is just as important, and the best options include spray foam, batt fiberglass and loose-fill cellulose.  No more noises from inside that can interrupt your evening whether from the washing machine, television or even the toilet flushing!  Peace, quiet – solitude.

At HabiShield our specialty is insulation for home and business owners in the Austin area, whether the best solution for your needs is spray foam, blown in fiberglass or cellulose, batted and rolled or structural or concrete foam boards.  When it comes to insulation we’re the experts in energy efficiency, comfort, installation and keeping all those unpleasant noises in the distance where they belong.  Give us a call today!