If you’ve been reading our Austin spray foam insulation blog you probably already know some of the benefits of good insulation in your home, especially in terms of comfort and money savings.  What you may not realize is how insulation can impact other areas of your life; in fact, you can enjoy an enhanced quality of living!  We will explain how below.

Comfort all year long.  When your home is well insulated with a complete thermal barrier, you enjoy the warmth during winter months and cool, comfortable indoor air during those hot summer months we experience in central Texas.  With a high R-value your home stays comfortable without the air conditioning or heat having to run too often, saving you money.  Win-win!

Noise reduction.  Maybe you work in a home office and want to cut down on the noise coming from other areas of the house.  Perhaps you live in an area where outside noise often infiltrates the rooms in your home.  Have a teen who’s into musical instruments or young children who have friends over and sometimes get a little rowdy?  The right insulation combined with industry-leading techniques can soundproof your home so you can enjoy quiet spaces while other members of your family carry on with their activities.

Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint with little effort.  Good insulation makes your home far more energy efficient, meaning your HVAC system will run less often, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution.  Many insulation products are also environmentally friendly and made using a substantial amount of recycled materials.

Better indoor air quality, a non-toxic home that’s safe for your family.  Cellulose insulation is a safe, non-toxic material that keeps your family comfortable while shutting out the noise, however it also promotes healthier indoor air.  This means a healthier home!

Better efficiency, money savings, comfort, soundproofing, a healthier home with a reduced negative impact on the environment . . . what’s not to like?  Improve your family’s quality of living today.  Give the Austin insulation experts at HabiShield a call!