Winter months aren’t usually too awfully cold in Austin or throughout central Texas, so you may not notice potential problems with your insulation until the hot summer months arrive. Anyone who lives here knows it can feel hotter than Hades considering the high temperatures combined with the suffocating humidity!  It’s during this season you want cool, comfortable spaces the most.  Unfortunately, there may be problems with the insulation that reveal themselves at this time, compromising your comfort.  Our Austin insulation pros will explain below!

Are your cooling bills going through the roof?  Your HVAC system will have to work harder if your insulation isn’t up to par, and even then you won’t feel as comfortable as you should.

Does the air inside your home feel humid and uncomfortable, even when the AC is on?  If it feels like a sauna, you may not be imaging things.  Moisture travels more easily with hot air because it’s less dense.  If your insulation isn’t sufficient and hot air is making its way into your home, the outdoor humidity is coming in right along with it!

Does the air smell a bit off?  Whether it smells like mildew, exhaust, or other odors that shouldn’t be inside your home, they may be coming in with the heat just like the humidity does.  This can happen when the insulation in your walls or other area is lacking; those nasty “wet dog” smells permeate the insulation and make their way right into your home.

If you have an upper level or attic, you’ll notice it seems almost unbearably hot and uncomfortable.  Hot air rises, something we all know.  If your attic doesn’t have good insulation or it has broken down, you will know it when summer months roll in.  While it won’t keep warm air from rising, quality insulation will keep the heat from coming into your home or penetrating through the attic spaces, keeping those upper levels more comfortable.

Is your current insulation (or lack of) trying to tell you something?  Whether it’s sky-high energy bills, muggy air inside your home, unpleasant odors, or an upstairs level your family members can’t handle because of the heat, we can help.

HabiShield is happy to help you with all of your Austin spray foam insulation needs, improving your family’s comfort while helping to reduce cooling costs.  Give our trusted team a call today!