While it isn’t exactly frigid outdoors yet, temperatures will drop to what we would consider a little chilly in the coming weeks.  Since it’s the holidays, most of us want to make our homes warm and cozy not only for our families, but those who will come to visit during the Christmas and New Year’s season.  There’s something about blankets, candles, Christmas decor and the scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, and spice that makes a home so inviting!  What else can you do to warm up your home this season?  Our Austin insulation experts have a few suggestions.

Enjoy a funny movie together.  Whether it’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Elf, or The Santa Claus, laughing with family and friends brings a closeness and creates fond memories.  Laughing increases your sense of well-being, warms up your body, and reduces stress.  Laughter IS the best medicine.

Give the gift of warmth.  The holidays are a perfect time to give gifts that warm the body, heart, and soul.  Whether hot water bottles covered with cashmere or wool, warm leggings, beanies, a quirky hat to keep heat from escaping through your head, or a cute sweater (no ugly sweaters allowed), gifts that are cozy and warm are always appreciated.

Have guests coming?  Warm up spaces where they will be sleeping with bedside rugs, extra quilts and blankets, and fluffy pillows.  No chilly feet when they hit the floor!

Bake, and bake some more.  Who doesn’t love pies, cookies, ham, fresh bread and all of the other goodies during the holiday season?  It’s a great way to warm up your home while creating a magnificent aroma that will welcome your family and guests.  Don’t forget the hot tea and cocoa, or maybe a warm “adult” beverage.  Add moisture and a little heat to your kitchen by preparing sumptuous stews, soups, and pastas.

Whether for yourself or someone else, drapes made of fleece or wool are wonderful for keeping the heat inside your home.  More heat can escape through your windows than you might think!

Keep the heat indoors by making sure your windows and doors are free from drafts by using caulk, door sweeps, and weatherstripping.  Not only will your home be nice and cozy, your bank account will benefit by reduced energy use.

Last but not least, make sure your home is adequately insulated!  We can’t stress this enough, and you would be surprised at the number of homes that don’t have enough insulation.  From the attic to crawl spaces and the garage, good insulation is a must.

Ready to take your home’s insulation to the next level?  At HabiShield our Austin spray foam insulation installation professionals are known for quality, service, and a job well done. Give us a call today.