If you are having vinyl siding installed on your home, it is the perfect time to add insulation.  Considering the walls are where more than a third of energy is lost in a home, now is the time to improve efficiency.  Our Austin insulation professionals want to enlighten you about some of the benefits of insulating new vinyl siding that you probably haven’t considered!

Your siding will maintain its beauty and shape longer.  Vinyl siding is susceptible to imperfections, and exposure to the sun and other elements can affect its appearance.  Insulation works to level the surface on which the siding is installed; it also provides additional support, helping your siding hold its shape and original appearance for years to come.

Reduce the risk of damage and increase resiliency.  Rocks, baseballs, hail, and other hard objects can result in substantial damage to traditional vinyl siding due to the fact there is an unfilled void between the wall and siding.  Insulation fills the void, making your vinyl siding more durable and less prone to damage.

Many homes have that “pink stuff” (batts) in the walls for insulation, however it’s only installed between the studs which means there is a substantial energy leak.  By having insulation installed beneath your new vinyl siding, you are essentially wrapping your home so that you don’t have a problem with heat loss/gain through the walls.  This means your home will be far more energy efficient, and your family will enjoy enhanced comfort all year long.

Installing insulation under new siding also provides the added benefit of sound dampening – you will enjoy a quiet, more peaceful interior.  This is important for those who live in areas where there is a lot of traffic or other noise that can be irritating.

Are you having vinyl siding installed on your home in the near future?  If you are, it’s a great time to install additional insulation as well.  The Austin insulation experts at HabiShield are ready to help, just give us a call today.