While our Austin insulation professionals do know a few things about proper basement insulation (we’ll get to that below), there are few homes in the state that do have basements.  Why is that?  If you have ever wondered about it, we will explain below.

Lots of homes in states with colder climates do have basements; this is true for the most part in states above the Mason-Dixon line.

Why do Texas homes not have basements?  The most obvious reason is that it’s difficult to build a basement that’s water-tight because the water table is so near the ground’s surface in some parts of the state.  No one wants a basement that is flood-prone or leaky.  This is why so many basements in homes in the South smell musty and are prone to mold – not healthy!

If it isn’t the water table, then it might be the soil.  Some parts of Texas have damp clay soil, which isn’t ideal for a basement because the heavy soil may put pressure on basement walls, resulting in cracks.

Another reason is the sheer expense of building a basement when contractors or engineers have to dig through the bedrock; most homeowners don’t want to spend a small fortune for a basement – and let’s be honest, haven’t we made it fine without them?

Sure, a basement could be a cool thing for some people such as those who would love an “authentic” wine cellar (we do wine cellar insulation, too), but most of us live without a basement.

Now, back to the topic of basement insulation.  If you are one of the few in central Texas who does have a basement, proper insulation is critical.  One thing we want to stress; fiberglass is never a good idea when insulating a basement because it isn’t moisture resistant, and it cannot be installed directly to concrete because of mold and mildew issues.

The best solution?  Have your basement insulated using closed-cell spray foam.  This type of insulation is highly moisture resistant, helps you obtain a higher R-vale, and it’s ideal for concrete.  Spray foam insulation protects against air infiltration and is capable of filling in even the tiniest gaps, something that can’t be achieved with any other type of insulation.

There you go, a quick little lesson on basements, Texas, and why the two don’t often go together!

If you do have a basement in your home, our Austin spray foam insulation professionals are ready to help you avoid a damp, musty, creepy basement that no one wants to go in to.  For all of your insulation needs, count on the experts at HabiShield.