No, winter temperatures in the Austin area don’t come close to what those in Minnesota or Michigan experience – but it can get downright cold! In summer months the heat can be almost suffocating. As a homeowner you should enjoy the ultimate in comfort regardless of the season, but a poorly insulated attic can leave you uncomfortable and facing high utility bills. What’s the solution?

Before we explain, it’s important to know that as much as 45% of your home’s energy can be lost through the attic. This is huge! Heat can escape in winter months, and creep in during the hot, humid summer months. So what’s the best type of insulation for central Texas homes?

While there are advantages and drawbacks of each, we would have to say spray foam insulation is the best. While it’s relatively new when compared to blown-in and fiberglass batts insulation, it’s an ideal choice when it comes to insulating the attic. Why?

With an R rating of 6.0 per inch, spray foam insulation is capable of lowering the consumption of energy by as much as half. Indoor air quality is also improved due to the fact there are no potentially harmful dust particles. Because the foam expands to even the tiniest crevices or cracks around pipes, wires or other areas, the coverage is the most complete of any type of insulation available today.

Blown-in insulation is also a good choice, however it has a lower R rating than spray foam or fiberglass batts, and because it’s loose some of its effectiveness may be compromised during periods of extreme temperatures if not covered with a fiberglass blanket.

Fiberglass batts is the cheapest option, but it’s important to note that because these large pieces are usually just pushed or forced into place, it may leave small crevices or cracks exposed. Fiberglass may not be a good choice in homes with joists that are narrower or wider than average, as they’re typically cut to a standard size.

While any type of insulation is a lot better than none at all for the attic, spray foam insulation wins the battle. At HabiShield we provide Austin home and business owners with a wide array of insulation services for your particular needs and budget, from wine cellars and metal buildings to residential and commercial applications. Count on our Austin spray foam insulation professionals for unsurpassed quality of materials, workmanship, and customer satisfaction.