By now you know our Austin spray foam insulation professionals know our stuff, and that installing insulation in residential and commercial applications is our specialty.  That said, did you know there are certain safety measures that must be adhered to during insulation installation projects?  If you choose some fly-by-night company that isn’t reputable, you would probably never know there are rules that should be followed.  Since we are a reputable company, we thought you would be interested to learn a bit more about safety when it comes to properly insulating your central Texas home or business.

Some people have come to the conclusion that spray foam insulation poses a risk to the environment and may be harmful to the occupants of a building, but there is absolutely no evidence to support these claims.  In fact, this type of insulation has been used safely for more than 40 years in homes and buildings.

That said, the ones who could be at a slight risk during the installation of spray foam insulation are the professionals who actually install it!  During the process there should be no other occupants present.  Our installers wear protective clothing and masks and make certain the area we’re working in is well ventilated.  This is simply a precaution to protect from dust residues during installation that could potentially irritate the soft tissues of the throat, nose and lungs.  Once the spray foam hardens or “cures,” there is absolutely no risk to the environment or your health!

Unfortunately, some people believe that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true.  That’s laughable in our opinion, as anyone can put up information on the web whether it’s true or not.  In fact, we would come closer to believing most of what is online isn’t true, or at least fact-based.  People can become hysterical when others post information that makes them question whether something could affect their health or is possibly dangerous.

Here is a fact for you.  All pronouncements from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding the safety of spray foam insulation apply to workers (installers) during the time they are actually using MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate) and closed-cells, spray-applied foam sealants and other polyisocyanates.  Once the foam is fully cured or hardened, there is absolutely NO DANGER to occupants who enter a home or building.  This “curing” is typically complete in eight to 24 hours.

At HabiShield our Austin insulation experts believe our customers should be well-informed and enlightened about our products and processes.  You can feel confident knowing that regardless of whether you choose spray foam or another type of insulation for your needs, it will never pose a risk to the health of your family or the environment.