When you need to insulate your Austin home, business, wine cellar, or other structure, it’s an investment you should give some careful thought to.  Depending on the size of the project, you may be spending a good deal of money.  As with any industry, all insulation companies are not created equal!  For a job well done and peace of mind you need to choose a reputable company who employs skilled and highly qualified professionals.  At HabiShield we have a few tips we think you’ll find useful.

Before you pick up the phone, check out the company’s online reviews and ratings at trusted sites like Yelp and HomeAdvisor.  See what people who have used the company say about their products and services on Facebook.  The more you know the better!

Check out the company’s vans, trucks or other rigs.  Do you see the name of the company, a phone number, and other information?  Don’t let a “shade tree” mechanic using a pick-up truck with no identifying information take advantage of you.  Anyone can claim to be a professional!  Be smart.

Ask to see credentials and insurance.  If they don’t have these things, it’s a no-go.

Get the full scope and cost of the project in writing before any work ever begins.  Be clear with the contractor regarding any “hidden costs,” communicating that you don’t expect to be unpleasantly surprised when all is said and done.

Ask if a full audit will be performed in regards to determining the full scope of work to be completed, identifying potential dangers, problem areas, the energy performance of your home, etc.  You want to sign your name to an initial quote, not an open work order!

Will your home be left in a mess?  This is something we see all too often, not only with insulation projects but other types of contracted work.  Your home or business should never look as though a storm blew through when the project is complete!  We leave your property in the same clean condition it was when we arrived.

Whether you’re thinking of having spray foam insulation installed in your walls or attic, or are building a new home and need quality insulation throughout, trust the Austin insulation experts at HabiShield when you want it done right the first time.