Our Austin spray foam insulation experts understand this isn’t a particularly interesting topic for most homeowners; after all, insulation is something you don’t see that often but that you assume is keeping your home comfortable and helping reduce energy costs. We’re sharing a few statistics below we think you may find helpful or interesting!

If you’re one of the many people in the U.S. who have become more concerned about the environment, you may be happy to know that cellulose insulation is comprised of approximately 85% recycle paper products. If you have fiberglass insulation, it’s usually manufactured of a minimum of 20% to 30% recycled glass content. With mineral wool, about 75% is post-industrial recycled content.

How effective is your insulation?

The goal when having insulation installed is to keep hot air out during summer months and indoors during winter months when you need it. This is determined by R-value, and the higher the number the more effective it is, providing you comfort and energy savings.

Polyurethane spray foam provides one of the highest R-values, with about R-5.5 to R-6.5 per inch for closed-cell, high density foam. Open-cell, low density foam provides an R-value of about 3.6 inch. To compare, fiberglass batts offer an R-2.75 to R-5.25 per inch R-value, and cellulose offers an R-value of R-3.6 to R-3.8 per inc he compared to cotton batts, which have an R-value of approximately R-3.4 per inch.

What if the floors in your home aren’t insulated? You essentially throw away about 10% on energy costs. For example, if your monthly heating bill during winter months averages about $175, about $17.50 could have been saved if floors were properly insulated. This adds up over a year’s time!

For older homes that have no insulation in the walls, good insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 67%. Attic insulation will lower energy costs by about 40%. Are you beginning to see the importance of quality insulation in terms of not only your comfort, but energy savings?

In the end, cooling and heating your home accounts for more than half of what you spend on utility costs each month. In addition to a properly sized HVAC system that’s energy efficient, insulation can save you a bundle – much more than you might imagine.

For all of your insulation needs in Austin, count on HabiShield to improve comfort while helping you save more than you ever thought possible on energy costs. Give us a call today!