If you’ve been searching online for spray foam insulation for your Austin home, no doubt you’ve come across the terms “open cell” and “closed cell.”  What’s the difference between the two? 

Open cell spray foam is low density and remains flexible after curing – it’s almost sponge-like and is ideal for creating an air barrier, filling gaps in the walls and more.  Because it’s so pliable and lightweight, open cell foam is easier to work with when running new wiring in a home.  Open cell spray foam is capable of getting into even the smallest cracks, crannies and nooks because of its high expansion rate, and is better for sound dampening because of its thickness. 

Closed cell spray foam insulation is more rigid and helps deter bulk water penetration so it’s a great choice for basements or other areas prone to humidity or water, because it is 100% moisture impermeable.  Closed cell spray foam offers the highest R-value and exceptional strength, although it doesn’t dampen sound as much as open cell.  Closed cell offers exceptional wall strength, so it’s a good choice for workshops, barns and other out buildings as well.

Open cell spray foam creates an air barrier so that you don’t experience heat loss, reduces dust and allergens so you enjoy better indoor air quality, offers a high level of sound insulation and expands to fill areas traditional insulation simply can’t reach.  Closed cell spray foam offers superior water resistance and the medium density that make it perfect for continuous insulation and to add support to structural integrity. 

Both open and closed cell spray foam prevent mold, offer thermal insulation and an air barrier, and vapor permeability.  There are advantages to each type over the other, so it can be difficult to know which is best for your particular application.  At HabiShield our job is not only to install insulation professionally, but to help you understand which may be the best solution for your needs.  Contact our Austin insulation experts today to learn more about spray foam insulation!