Most people know that whether in a home or business, the right type and amount of insulation makes a huge difference in comfort. Aside from that, what are the benefits for business owners? A lot more than you may think, and the savings can be huge depending on the size and structure of your building.

The fact is, quality insulation that’s installed properly in Austin businesses is directly related to heating and cooling, comfort, and how much you spend on utility costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about a third (33%) of energy consumed by businesses or commercial buildings is directly related to cooling and heating. With proper insulation, the savings that can be achieved are almost jaw-dropping. In fact, for expansive properties such as universities or colleges, installing about 30% more insulation can result in energy savings several thousand per month. You read that right – several THOUSANDS per month in energy costs.

Your commercial building may be far smaller than a college or university, but imagine the savings even for smaller businesses. If you could save a few hundred a month on energy costs in your business simply by having additional insulation installed, why wouldn’t you? It just makes good sense, especially over the long-term.

Energy savings isn’t the only benefit of insulation for businesses. Certain types of insulation can cut down on noise significantly, and improve comfort. Both are essential to boost productivity and employees’ comfort.

Last but certainly not least, quality insulation installed by professionals results in a commercial building that’s not only more comfortable and affordable, but more sustainable and efficient which is good news for the environment.

At HabiShield our Austin insulation professionals have the knowledge and expertise essential to making sure your business enjoys all of the benefits of quality materials and expert installation. Why throw hundreds or even thousands per month out the window? Give us a call today and enjoy money savings, an increase in employee productivity, and knowing you’re doing your part to improve the environment.