Whether your home or business is located in Round Rock, Leander, or other cities near Austin and around the Central Texas area, there are times you need to insulate a metal building. Many warehouses or other industrial buildings today are constructed of metal, as well as sheds used by homeowners to store tools, lawnmowers, or even boxes of personal belongings or memorabilia they don’t have room for inside their homes. Metal is durable, economical and easily maintained, one reason it’s become such a popular material today. So, should you insulate your metal building and if so, why is spray foam the best option?

It’s better for regulating temperature

Without any insulation at all, metal buildings are extremely cold in winter months and hot in summer months due to heat transfer. They’re also prone to excess moisture caused by condensation. Spray foam insulation is applied in a way that’s continuous so you don’t have to worry about holes, gaps, cracks or small crevices where air can leak. In commercial or industrial applications metal buildings are often supplied with an HVAC system, so it’s important to have exceptional insulation for comfort and energy-saving purposes. If you’re a homeowner with a metal building that serves as a shop for woodworking, mechanical or other purposes, spray foam insulation provides a comfortable environment regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter.

Condensation causes rust and mildew, something you can avoid with proper insulation

Moisture is a huge enemy not only for metal buildings but wood and other materials used in homes and businesses. You’ve probably noticed “sweat” or moisture running down areas of a metal building that isn’t properly insulated. It’s tempting to use a portable heater in a metal building during winter months, however the warm air can increase humidity that makes the situation worse. Moisture or condensation is water, and water is a prime culprit when it comes to the formation of mildew, mold or rust. Spray foam insulation works not only to keep metal structures cooler or warmer depending on the season, but also forms a vapor barrier that can prevent the damage caused by sweating, moisture or condensation. This means you enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate without the risk of damage caused by moisture that can costs you a small fortune to repair or replace.

At HabiShield we provide a wide array of quality insulation services including spray foam insulation for home and business owners throughout Central Texas and the Austin area. Protect your property and enjoy increased comfort while reducing energy costs by having the proper type of insulation installed for your application. Call us today to learn more, and trust our contractors to perform the job right the first time!