Austin homeowners sometimes know very little about their attics; after all, out of sight, out of mind.  One thing you probably do know is that during summer months, the attic could be a very hot and uncomfortable space.  Heat rises, and you really don’t want to go up there – but you should.  Why?  The attic needs to be evaluated for potential problems that could impact your home as well as your comfort and health!  Our Austin insulation professionals are sharing four things you should look for below.

Signs of rodents.  From mice to birds and squirrels, there are critters that may make your attic their home.  When you see rodent droppings, you know they’re present.  What you don’t see is the rodent’s urine, and it could be a sanitation problem.  Consider removing any trees or bushes that provide easy access into the attic, and having new insulation installed.

Adequate insulation.  Having the right type and amount of insulation in the attic is critical to your family’s comfort.  When you’re in the attic, check to make sure there is an even level of insulation throughout the area.  Are there any bare spots where it’s been blown around, or is the insulation settling?  Keep in mind that if your home was built in the 90s or earlier, there may be very little insulation.  It’s often possible in these situations to install the proper amount of insulation so that you save a substantial amount on winter heating costs!

Fans should be operating properly.  Good airflow is essential in the attic, so make sure the fans are working as they should.  Also check to ensure your bathroom fans are vented through a duct that goes from the fan through a vent cap that goes up and out of the attic, as the moisture that’s vented out of the bathroom could cause mold problems if blowing directly into the attic.

Check for signs of leaks.  The attic is one of the first places you will notice spots or stains from water leaks.  A good time to check the attic out is during or after a rain, using a flashlight so you can see any wet spots that may be present.  Undetected leaks can lead to mold and mildew, not to mention thousands of dollars in damage to your home’s structure.

At HabiShield we think fall is a great time to check out the attic.  It’s a bit cooler, and you will be able to uncover any potential issues before the colder winter months arrive.  If you prefer someone else check out your attic and insulation, give us a call!  Our Austin spray foam insulation pros are happy to help.